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How do I duplicate my house key with The Key Masters key?
Take your original key along with The Key Masters key to your local locksmith for duplication.

How can I tell which house key blank I have?
All house keys can be identified by simply looking at the shape of the key head or key bow. The Key Masters produces key blanks for Schlage (SC1), and Kwikset (KW1). These keyways will fit mostly all residential locks on the market in the United States. Also, almost all these popular keys have a keyway identifying number stamped on the keys key bow. For example, a Schlage SC1 key blank will most likely have SC1 stamped into the key bow. If you cannot find an identifying number on the key bow, than simply use the shape of the key bow to identify your key.

What type of metal are you using to make your keys?
For the key heads we use a lead-free light weight white metal which includes 98% tin, 1.5% bismuth, .25% copper, .25% silver. For the key blank we use a nickel plated brass key.

Can I buy The Key Masters key for something other than a house key?
We do plan on offering The Key Masters for commercial buildings, automobile, motorcycles and padlocks in the near future. If you are looking for something other than a house key send an email to and list the type of key you need and we’ll see if we can customize one for you.

Can you make custom designed keys?

We can make custom designs but a minimum of 100 pieces are required. Please email with details

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